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Armories are constructed on unused plains. They forge weapons for your armies from iron bars and coals. There is no distinction between the weapons needed for the various army units, but some units require less weapons for successfull training.

Similar to paddocks a armoury can be deactivated (and reactivated) at any time to reduce the consumption of coal and iron bars, if needed. The number of weapons produced in an armoury does not depend on the population level of the field.

Construction time on an empty field Rebuilding a ruin Armoury retro Ruin.gif Armoury new Ruin.png Iron bars consumption Coal consumption Weapon output
14* 7* Armoury retro L1.gif Armoury new L1.png 12 30 2
14* 7* Armoury retro L2.gif Armoury new L2.png 24 60 4
14* 7* Armoury retro L3.gif Armoury new L3.png 36 90 6
15* 8* Armoury retro L4.gif Armoury new L4.png 40 108 8
15* 8* Armoury retro L5.gif Armoury new L5.png 50 135 10
15* 8* Armoury retro L6.gif Armoury new L6.png 60 162 12
16* 8* Armoury retro L7.gif Armoury new L7.png 63 168 14
16* 8* Armoury retro L8.gif Armoury new L8.png 72 192 16
17* 9* Armoury retro L9.gif Armoury new L9.png 81 216 18
17* 9* Armoury retro L10.gif Armoury new L10.png 90 220 20
Constructing an armoury atop another kind of ruin: 28*

*The provided construction time does not take the research areas "Fatigue Duty" and "Industrial Cooperative" into account!
The cancellation of construction orders is possible at any time. 90 % of the paid ressources are returned.

Hints by experienced players

Start early with the construction of armouries on plains with low fertility. Weapons can not be bought and the ressources provided at the start of the game don't last long, if you want to expand unhindered.