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Rules of conduct

  • Deliberate insults are forbidden.
  • Players are asked to treat each other with respect, even if an intense war leads to strong emotions flaring up. After all, a players' reputation is important for all coming ages.
  • Rassism, attacks on religions and / or churches, discrimination of minorities, attacks on women and / or men, are forbidden.
  • Spamming and flaming is forbidden.
  • Players are asked not to post single-word comments like "great", "super", "exactly". Not everything needs to be commented.
  • Players are asked to take care to post comments into the correct topic.
  • Before posting any combat reports, all players involved in the combat have to agree to the sharing of these data.
  • Coordinations and other personal data of another player may not be written in the public chat.

Behaviour against these rules may lead to a ban from chat, forum and even game.

Using the forum

The forum contains several topic areas, for example Bugs, Ideas, or Opinion Polls. Solutions to many problems can be found here. With the exception of polls, new postings can be added to any open thread. Players may also edit their own postings and add Smileys to their text. Admins can edit and delete any post. New postings that have been created since the last time a player visited the forum are marked as "NEW". In the top level of the forum, all unread postings can be marked as "read" by clicking on the "NEW" button. There is also a search box on the top level of the forum. This allows to easily find postings to any topic.

Using the chat

  • The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is needed for the chat. It can be found under: [1].
  • Private messages to players can be send by adding "/Player_Name " in front of the messages. This called "whispering".
  • By clicking a player name inside the chat output window, "/name" is automatically copied into the input field. If the name is clicked with the right mouse button (left mouse button or left-handed mice) inside the chat output window, the copied "/name" in the input name is frozen there until it is altered or deleted. Whispered messages are written and sent in red.
  • Messages that start with "/a " are sent only to members of the alliance (liege and vassals). Alliance-messages are colored magenta on Server 1 and green on Server 2.
  • Alternatively, players may select the "Ally" check-box.

Whispering remains possible even if the check-box is selected.

  • The chat can be stopped from automatically scrolling by selecting the "Stop" check-box. The chat restarts scrolling after de-selecting the check-box again.
  • The content of the chat output window can be copied by pressing "Ctrl-C" and text can be pasted into the input field by pressing "Ctrl-V".
  • Admins may send system messages to all users. These messages are colored violett.
  • Admins may send messages in the general broadcast in bold font.
  • The flag at the side of the input field defines the language of the sent message. This allows the filtering of the message into the correct tabs later on. However, the chat is not able to translate messages; every user may send any kind of gibberish. We encourage chatters to pay attention to the language-channel their messages is sent to. This allows the correct filtering of the messages into their respective tabs. The flag (and thereby the language setting of the message) can be change by clicking on the flag.
  • The output window of the chat contains several tabs. The uppermost tab shows all messages in the general chat broadcast, as well as all alliance-messages and whispered messages. The next tab labeled "PM" shows only private messages (alliance chat, whispered messages and system messages). The following tabs are language-filtered. In those, only those general broadcast messages in the respective language are displayed. Alliance messages, whispered messages and system messages are always shown. The language-filtered tabs hopefully make it easier to read the chat for players that are not fluent in both languages. Please note that the language-flag besides the input field changes according to the language-filtered tab.
  • The font size of the output window can be adjusted with "< font >". Clicking on "<" decreased the font-size, ">" increases the font-size.
  • The chat can be maximized in a new window / tab by clicking on the "Maximize" button (to the right of "< font >"). The chat can be closed by clicking on "X".

Special Features Premiumaccount-Holders

The checkmark in the "Ally"-box is remembered by the chat upon reload. So if you start the chat again or open a new windows with the chat, you remain in the ally-channel. Furthermore, you can block messages of a player by clicking the button "ignore".


These smileys are available to every player:

:) Smiley smile.gif
:( Smiley sad.gif
:O Smiley shocked.gif
:D Smiley biggrin.gif
;) Smiley wink.gif
:P Smiley tongue.gif

Premium users can use the following smileys in addition:

:)) Smiley laughing.gif
:(( Smiley cry.gif
8( Smiley roll.gif
:I Smiley blush.gif
8D Smiley cool.gif
:zz Smiley sleep.gif
:wallbash: Smiley wallbash.gif
:heuldoch: Smiley heuldoch.gif
:winke: Smiley winke.gif
:telefon: Smiley telefon.gif
:(! Smiley angry.gif
xx( Smiley dead.gif
:haken: Smiley haken.gif
:kotau: Smiley kotau.gif
:jubel: Smiley jubel.gif
:cookie: Smiley cookie.gif

Admins, moderators and developers can also use the following smileys:

:gott: Smiley gott.gif
:admin: Smiley admin.gif
:manual: Smiley manual.gif