Heroes' Shrine

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Heroes' shrines are monuments for Heroes of your realm. They are raised on unused plains. Heroes' shrines attrack traveling heroes, who may decide to follow your cause. The propability for a hero to pledge loyalty at a shrine is 1.0 % and increases with every tick by 0.2 % until a hero appears at the shrine. Afterwards, the shrine belongs to that hero. If the hero dies or is dismissed, the propability restarts at 1.0 %. The higher the expansion level of the shrine, the more experience the hero gains during combat. If the home shrine of a hero is lost, than the hero is reassigned to a unoccupied shrine. If there is no unoccupied shrine, then the hero remains without shrine and doesn't gain any experience in combat any longer. If a shrine is conquered while a hero is waiting on that field, the hero disappears from the map (but is still shown in the unit summary) until another shrine becomes unoccupied. The hero is then reassigned to that shrine and may be assigned to an army from there. All heroes start at level 10 and can only rise to higher levels by combat.

Construction time on an empty field Rebuilding a ruin Heroesshrine retro Ruin.gif Heroesshrine new Ruin.png Factor for the experience increase of the associated hero (multiplied with the basic experience gain of the army after combat)
29* 15* Heroesshrine retro L1.gif Heroesshrine new L1.png x 75
9* 5* Heroesshrine retro L2.gif Heroesshrine new L2.png x 150
9* 5* Heroesshrine retro L3.gif Heroesshrine new L3.png x 225
10* 5* Heroesshrine retro L4.gif Heroesshrine new L4.png x 300
10* 5* Heroesshrine retro L5.gif Heroesshrine new L5.png x 375
10* 5* Heroesshrine retro L6.gif Heroesshrine new L6.png x 450
10* 5* Heroesshrine retro L7.gif Heroesshrine new L7.png x 525
11* 6* Heroesshrine retro L8.gif Heroesshrine new L8.png x 600
11* 6* Heroesshrine retro L9.gif Heroesshrine new L9.png x 675
11* 6* Heroesshrine retro L10.gif Heroesshrine new L10.png x 750
Constructing a heroes' shrine atop another kind of ruin: 43*

*The provided construction time does not take the research areas "Fatigue Duty" and "Industrial Cooperative" into account!
The cancellation of construction orders is possible at any time. 90 % of the paid ressources are returned.

Hints by experienced players

The sooner you have heroes, the stronger your armies will become. If a hero appears in your realm those abilities don't quite fit to your game strategy, then do not hesitate to dismiss the hero. Maybe the next hero will be a better match. It is not necessary to send a full army to retrieve a hero from a shrine. A single horsemen is sufficient and often much faster.