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After account activation players can access the marketplace. Here ressources can be traded, though neither horses nor weapons. The current price is determined by offer and demand and is calculated from the player's trades. The minimum and maximum price is defined as 1/10 and 10-times the price at the beginning of the age, respectively. Trades on the marketplace are calculated in units to 1000 internally to prevent stock manipulations by trading large amounts. The shown price / revenue is the average number of these units. Therefore, the shown price / revenue changes when the traded amounts are changed.


In der Titelzeile sieht man die wichtigsten Informationen in einem kleinen Überblick. Es werden der Name, die Position in der Rangliste, der Punktestand, die Ehre und der Ressourcenvorrat angezeigt. Es sind nicht alle Ressourcen gleichzeitig sichtbar. Allerdings braucht man nur mit dem Mauszeiger über die Anzeige zu fahren um auch die restlichen Bestände zu sehen.


A list of all available ressources is shown under "Stock". If the mouse pointer is placed atop the ressource symbol, a precise breakdown of income and usage of that ressource. A player may place a specified number of logs on stock each turn for the training of armies, so that not all logs are processed to planks. The number of logs to be kept on stock can be entered under the picture of the saw mill. Grain may be distributed preferentially to mills or paddocks. According to needs the percentage may be adjusted by the player. These settings come into play when grain gets scarce. Until then, mills and paddocks produce as much as they can, independent of the stock setting. Paddocks may also be completely deactivated in the area selection. Similar to grain, coal distribution may be adjusted. And like paddocks, armouries can be deactivated in the area selection. Once a player founds or joins an alliance, the alliance depot can be access in the stock as well.

Alliance depot

Members of an alliance (both, vassals and lieges) can acces the alliance depot underneath the stock display. Every alliance member can access the depot, equally for deposits and withdrawals. All ressources can be placed in the depot, including horses and weapons. Please note that 10 % of all deposits are deducted. These deduction are always rounded to the higher number; this means that small deposits may effectively disappear because all stock in the alliance depot can't contain fractional numbers. Additionally 5-10% of the stored grain rots every turn. The depot always stays with the alliance liege. If a vassal secedes from the alliance or is defeated, the other members of the alliance still have access to the depot. But with the defeat of the liege, the alliance depot with all deposits is destroyed as well.