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Version 4.1

Using the battle calculator you can simulates battles between individual armies. Hoover the mouse pointer over the individual icons so get more information about them.

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First, you have to enter some Information about the terrain on which the battle takes place:

  • Whether the owner of the field is warrior or settler (1)
  • The research levels "military", "siege", "handcraft I", and "administration" of the field owner (2)
  • The terrain type where the battle takes place (3)
  • Any slots on the field (fortifications, ballistas, mangonels) (4)
  • Whether the attack is performed from shipside (5)
  • Whether fortifications have been infiltrated (calculated with a spy experience of 130XP)
  • How many militia are on the field (7)

Afterward you enter the data of the attacking and defeinding armies:

  • You can select the data from your own or allied armies simply from a pull down menue (8)

Note: Of course you can also enter everything by hand or modify values

  • Data from other armies can only be selected if you have a spy on the respective field (8)

Note - the research of other players it not automatically entered. You have to enter these values yourself (11)

  • Here you see the numbers of individual units as well as their exhaustion, net victories, and experience (9)

Note: net victories are calculated as the number of victories minus the number of losses and can therefore range from -10 to +10

  • The levels of the units generals can be entered here (10)
  • The research levels "military", "siege", and "handcraft I" of the army owner have to be entered (11)
  • The level of a potential heroe and his traits are entered here (12)

Note: without a hero, the level of the army leader is 10

  • Additional armies can be added by clicking on this link (maximum 5) (13)
  • Click on "calculate" to see the battle results (14)
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  • In the battle results you see the troop base value and the various multipliers (1)
  • The combat value results from the multiplication of the troop base value with the individual factors (2)
  • Details about the troop base value and the various factors can be found here.