Disembarking armies or spies

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Version L&L 4.0 (currently just on Server 1)

Disembarking from landing boats

Landing boats (knarrs and drakkars) can disembark amries and spies onto every coast field (empty or with buildings), if it is a foest or plain field (not a mountain field). If the landing field has an owner, you have to be at war with the owner.

Disembarked armies can enter a ship only in a harbor. Therefore you have to carfully consider the minimum distance requirements for building habrors when disembarking onto neutral fields. Spies, on the other hand, may use their own boat to leave the island.

Disembarking from other ships

All other ships need a harbour to disembark amries and spies. Kogg, holk and caravalle may enter all harbour fields, dromones, galleys and caracks need a harbour level 6 or higher to disembark units.

Duration of disembarkment

Depending on the number of ships of a given type in a fleet and onto which field the units shall disembark, the duration of diembarkment can vary. A fleet that for example consists of 1 rowing boat, 1 kogg and 1 carack can at most disembark 10 units per tick (the capacity of the rowing boat) onto forest and plain fields. The same fleet can disembark 130 units/tick in harbours level 1-5 (capacity of rowing boat + kogg) and even 580 units per tick on harbours level 6 and up (the capacity of the whole fleet).

If this army is fully loaded with an army of 580 men, the disembarkment onto a forest or plains field takes therefore 58 ticks, while it takes 5 ticks on a harbour level 1-5. Disembarking onto a harbour level 6 and up takes just one tick.

Only 1 disembarkment per fleet can take place at the same time. If a new disembarkment order is given to a fleet, all previous disembarkments are cancelled.

Attack of field from the sea

When you are at war with another player, you can conquer his harbour by disembarking armies onto that harbour. Due to the strong resistance during such a strike, the defenders of the harbour receive a defense bonus againt the attacking armies that depends on the harbour level. This bonus is calculated spearately for each army: defense bonus = 10 + 2 × harbour level. Of course, the defense bonus also applies when armies are disembarked from landing boats onto enemy harbours.
When armies conquer a harbour from land, no harbour bonus is applied against these armies, even if at the same time an attack from sea takes place.
Ships anchoring in the harbour (better said, their catapults) are not involved in the battle. However, troups that are transported on these ships defend the harbour. If a harbour is conquered, these troups return to the ships and sink with them.
The order for disembarkment onto an enemy harbour can be entered already before the war begins. However, the army can leave the ship only in the first tick of the war. If the harbour is teared down, before the army is landed, the order remains aktiv (this means the ship and army blink in the unit overview). No message about the failed disembarkment is given. In this case, you have to cancel the order before the ship can move away.

Disembarking spies

Spies can disembark from each fleet (irrespective of its composition) onto all fields except for mountain fields. Spies may also disembark onto water fields.


First select one or more units (1) (hold the CTRL-key to select multiple units) and click on the button "Disembark armies" (2). This opens a popup-window (3) that shows the fields neighbouring your ship. Fields suitable for disembarking are marked in green (4). Select the correct field and the units will leave the ship during the tick. If the target field is a foreign field (neutral or an enemy player), the disembarking armies will attack the field. Following the succesfull enter of a disembarkment order, the status lamp blinks yellow (5). In the unit overview, the status lamps of the respective ship and armies also blink yellow. Spies with disembarkment order show a green status lamp in the unit overview. The disembarkment of units consumes movement points. Therefore, ships that disembark units can perform one move less in this tick than their regular movement speed. If spies are disembarked, no further movement is possible in that tick. Ships with catapults only perform limited attacks in ticks with disembarkment of units. However, they defend themselves when attacked. Find more about this under [[Battles at sea}}.

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Canceling disembarking

As for entering the disembarment order, you first have to press the "Disembark armies" button. To cancel the oder, now select as target field the field of your ship. This stops the blinking status lamp in the unit overview. The ship can move to other fields, or a new disembarkment oder can be entered.