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Version 4.1

  • Swordsmen, spearmen, archers, and horsemen units in an army are each captained by a general.
  • Generals gain experience (= XP) similar to the whole army and their heroes, and are awarded a higher level when they reach the required experience. You can see the current experience of a general when you move the mouse pointer on the level icon of a general (1):
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  • The higher the level of the general, the higher the value for the combat score of the army.
  • At the beginning, generals of newly trained armies have the rank of a Youngling. With research you can improve the starting rank of the generals up to Chief Hemmer.
  • When splitting an army, the existing generals remain with the main army, while the new formed army gets generals corresponding to the research level of the owner of the field. This means, if you are splitting an army in a castle, town, or harbour of an ally, you will probably get generals with a different level compared to when splitting on your own estate.
  • When merging armies, the highest general of each unit will "survive", the others are lost.
  • Generals can be assassinated by spies. The killed general will in each case be replaced by a general 3 levels lower in rank. The new general will be protected from further assassination attempts for 5 turns.

Levels of Generals

Generals can reach the following ranks (listed from the lowest to the highest one):

Soldiers Rank.1.gif Rank.2.gif Rank.3.gif
Youngling Chief Youngling Master Youngling
Squad Leaders Rank.4.gif Rank.5.gif Rank.6.gif Rank.7.gif Rank.8.gif Rank.9.gif
Hemmer Chief Hemmer Master Hemmer Reffler Chief Reffler Master Reffler
Domitians Rank.10.gif Rank.11.gif Rank.12.gif Rank.13.gif Rank.14.gif Rank.15.gif
Frohner Chief Frohner Master Frohner Kordant Chief Kordant Master Kordant
Kerpers Rank.16.gif Rank.17.gif Rank.18.gif Rank.19.gif Rank.20.gif Rank.21.gif
Audiat Chief Audiat Master Audiat Opterat Chief Opterat Master Opterat
Lords Rank.22.gif

Advice from experience players

  • Especially at the beginning of the game use as many small armies as possible when conquering neutral fields so you will get many generaly with high experience. The closer the outcome of a battle is, the more experince your generals will gain. Use the battle calculator to calculate, how large your army has to be to get a close victory.
  • Always protect armies with experienced generals with spies (use the "shadow" function) - they are a prime target for your enemies.