Going on Holidays

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Version v4.1

If you plan to go on holidays, you can fix the date in the "settings" menue.

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  • You can use the vaccation mode up to 4 times per age.
  • Holidays have to be booked at least 14 days in advance.

Exception: During ongoing wars or declarations of war by or against yourself, holidays cannot start before the war has ended.

  • A holiday has to have a minimum duration of 3 days and a maximum duration of 21 days.
  • War can only be declared if both, attacker and defender, will be present during at least 80% of the war duration. This means that war cannot be declared if attacker or defender will be on holidays for more than 20% of the war duration, because a holiday has already been booked.
  • When declaring war, vaccation times will be taken into account when calculating honor: For example, if a member of an ally is on holidays, his score will only account proportionally to the time he will be present during the war. If a single player will only be present during 80% of a war, then only 80% of his score will be used for calculating honor.
  • A player on holidays cannot be attacked and no spy actions can be performed on his fields.
  • A player on holidays will not be deleted due to inactivity.
  • Once holidays have been booked, this cannot be changed again by the player. Should this be necessary, please contact an admin.

Attention: While you are on holidays you cannot log into your account. However you can still access the forum, ingame messages, and chat.