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Grainfields are based on unused plains. In every tick the produce grain; this production depends on the expansion stage, population number and fertility of the field. While at most 300 peasants can farm a Level I grain field, a Level X grainfield achieves its highest output only with 1200 peasants.

The fertility of a field may be increased by nearby active paddocks. However, the fertility never surpasses 100 %.

To allow the sustenation of a population by grain, the grain needs to be processed into flour and then bread by mills and bakeries. The grain can be distributed between mills and paddocks in the stock depending on the needs.

Should a shortage of bread occur, then the population on grainfields dies of hunger at a lower rate than on other fields. This allows to break the circle of starvation.

Construction time on an empty field Rebuilding a ruin Grainfield retro Ruin.gif Grainfield new Ruin.png Minimum population required for maximum production Maximum grain production based on 100% fertility
8* 4* Grainfield retro L1.gif Grainfield new L1.png 300 1170
6* 3* Grainfield retro L2.gif Grainfield new L2.png 400 1776
6* 3* Grainfield retro L3.gif Grainfield new L3.png 500 2426
7* 4* Grainfield retro L4.gif Grainfield new L4.png 600 3120
7* 4* Grainfield retro L5.gif Grainfield new L5.png 700 3855
7* 4* Grainfield retro L6.gif Grainfield new L6.png 800 4628
8* 4* Grainfield retro L7.gif Grainfield new L7.png 900 5435
8* 4* Grainfield retro L8.gif Grainfield new L8.png 1000 6272
8* 4* Grainfield retro L9.gif Grainfield new L9.png 1100 7150
9* 5* Grainfield retro L10.gif Grainfield new L10.png 1200 8054
Constructing a grainfield atop another kind of ruin: 22*

*The provided construction time does not take the research areas "Fatigue Duty" and "Industrial Cooperative" into account!
The cancellation of construction orders is possible at any time. 90 % of the paid ressources are returned.

Hints by experienced players

For efficient grainfields, their fertility is crucial. Grainfields should be sowed on plains of 85% fertility or more. This is just a guideline, of course. If only plains of lower fertility are available, it is a good idea to build a paddock nearby to slowly increase the fertility of surrounding plains and grainfields. In order to be able to supply all mills, you should have approximately twice as many grain fields as mills. Pay attention to the necessary number of inhabitants for the maximum yield when upgrading the grainfields!