Merging armies

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Players can only merge their own armies. This is possible when at least two armies are present on the same field. Then players can select the armies with the checkbox (3), enter a name for the merged army (1) and click on "Merge armies"(2).

When merging armies you should consider the following points:

  • Experience and exhaustion of the armies are converted to the new army according to the amount of units, their victories and defeats as well. The new values are always rounded down!
    To calculate the values after merging in advance you can use the LaL Calculator (under "Armies") in the manual.
  • The generals and the hero with the highest experience will lead the new army. The other generals and heroes are lost forever after merging!
    Therefore, if there are more good generals / heroes, you should split these generals before merging respectively pass the hero to another army or post him at a heroes' shrine.

If an army is to get a new name, you can use also the order "Merge armies". But in this case of course you only have to select the checkbox (3) of the army which should get a new name.

Merging Armies