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The easiest and cheapest way to defend a field is to raise a militia. For this, players simply have to increase the defense value of that field. Raising a milita happens instantly and only costs gold but no other ressources. Therefore militias are badly equipped and not trained at all. Militias are no real obstacle for a proper army, but they may help to slow down its advance. The defense value matches the number of members of the militia. Militia consists to 2/3 of swordsmen and 1/3 archers.

A maximum of 20% of the poulation can be recruited into the militia (30% if "Civil Defence" is researched). If members of the milita die, the population of the field decreases.

Militia 01.jpg

Militia are recruited in the area selection. To make this process easier for large realms, militia can also be raised under "events" for multiple checked fields. Premium players can check specifically border fields, fields at war fronts, or coastal regions.

Players can simply enter the amount of wanted militia into the right input field and click the button "Build-up militia". If enough gold is available, the militia will be build-up. For example, players may enter the number 9999 into the input field and the militia in all fields will be increased to the maximum possible amount.

Militia 02.jpg

If a player doesn't have a spy placed on an enemy's field, the received information about militia is very vague:

  • This area has no defense: 0
  • A handful of peasants have formed a small militia here: 1-19
  • A small militia defends this area: 20-39
  • The militia of this area is well organized: 40-79
  • A large, well organized militia defends this area: 80-159
  • A very large, well organized militia defends this area: 160-319
  • A very large vigilante group defends this area: 320-639
  • The defense of this area is exceptional: >639