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Quarries are set up in mountains. In quarries stones are mined from the mountains that are then refined to stoneblocks by stone masons. The production numbers depend on the expansion level, available population and percentage of minable stone of each mountain.

Construction time on an empty field Rebuilding a ruin Quarry retro Ruin.gif Quarry neu Ruin.png Minimum population required for maximum production Stone production at 100% deposit
10* 5* Quarry retro L1.gif Quarry new L1.png 30 45
9* 5* Quarry retro L2.gif Quarry new L2.png 40 80
10* 5* Quarry retro L3.gif Quarry new L3.png 50 125
11* 6* Quarry retro L4.gif Quarry new L4.png 60 180
12* 6* Quarry retro L5.gif Quarry new L5.png 70 245
14* 7* Quarry retro L6.gif Quarry new L6.png 80 320
15* 8* Quarry retro L7.gif Quarry new L7.png 90 405
16* 8* Quarry retro L8.gif Quarry new L8.png 100 500
17* 9* Quarry retro L9.gif Quarry new L9.png 110 605
18* 9* Quarry retro L10.gif Quarry new L10.png 120 720
Constructing a quarry atop another kind of ruin: 24*

*The provided construction time does not take the research areas "Fatigue Duty" and "Industrial Cooperative" into account!
The cancellation of construction orders is possible at any time. 90 % of the paid ressources are returned.

Hints by experienced players

Since stone can be mined cheaply, a quarry is profitable if no other deposits (gold, iron, coal) were found in profitable quantities.