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Thieves' guilds are constructed in woods. Thieves' guilds trains spies, which are an important and powerful unit in Lands & Lords.

Thieves' guilds with a high expansion level train spies cheaper, faster, and better (the trained spies have more experience) than guilds of low level. The sum of the expansion levels of all your guilds determines the maximum number of spies you can have at the same time (similar to castles and harbours). The research of the "Great Auditorium" additionally increases this limit.

Spies (from you or your allies) with low experience can be re-trained in guilds to reach the experience of newly trained spies coming from that guild. Spies in guilds also decrease their exhaustion faster than on other fields. For this, the research experience of the guild's owner is taken into account.

Construction time on an empty field Rebuilding a ruin ThievesGuild retro Ruin.gif ThievesGuild neu Ruin.png Experience of newly trained spies Reduction of exhaustion of spies
without the research of 'Secret Library' with the research of 'Secret Library'
17* 9* ThievesGuild retro L1.gif ThievesGuild new L1.png 50 57 +0
19* 10* ThievesGuild retro L2.gif ThievesGuild new L2.png 57 67 +1
20* 10* ThievesGuild retro L3.gif ThievesGuild new L3.png 64 74 +1
22* 11* ThievesGuild retro L4.gif ThievesGuild new L4.png 71 82 +1
23* 12* ThievesGuild retro L5.gif ThievesGuild new L5.png 78 90 +2
24* 12* ThievesGuild retro L6.gif ThievesGuild new L6.png 85 95 +2
25* 13* ThievesGuild retro L7.gif ThievesGuild new L7.png 92 106 +2
26* 13* ThievesGuild retro L8.gif ThievesGuild new L8.png 99 114 +3
28* 14* ThievesGuild retro L9.gif ThievesGuild new L9.png 106 122 +3
28* 14* ThievesGuild retro L10.gif ThievesGuild new L10.png 113 130 +3
Constructing a thieves' guild atop another kind of ruin: 31*

*The provided construction time does not take the research areas "Fatigue Duty" and "Industrial Cooperative" into account!
The cancellation of construction orders is possible at any time. 90 % of the paid ressources are returned.

Hints by experienced players

Every player should build a thieves' guild as soon as possible in one of the first acquired woods. This guild should get expanded to level X as fast as possible. All spies, even those trained in other guilds, should then rest there until their experience reaches 130 (this also requires the research of the "Secret Library"). This way, a player rapidly achieves a number of highly experienced spies. Smaller allies may also send their spies to this level X guild. You can never have too many spies, so don't be stingy about building guilds!