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Version 4.1

Unit Description Required space on ships
Icon swordsman.gif Swordsman Swordsmen are the heart of your army. This unit is well outfitted and can handle any area type. 1
Icon spearman.gif Spearman Spearmen are worse equipped and inferior to swordmen during combat. However, a phalanx of spearmen can be very effective to counter cavalry attacks. Therefore, use armies of spearmen to counter your oppenents cavalry units. 1
Icon archer.gif Archer Archers are usually recruited cheaply from the population. They are badly outfitted for close combat. However, the supporting fire from archers is often a deciding factor for combat, especially during the defense of castles. To make optimal use of supporting fire, your armies should consist of 20% of archers, in castles even 40%. 1
Icon horseman.gif Horseman The horsemen are the elite unit of your army. Most of them are younger sons of small noble houses, who strive for fame and honor. On the open plains attacks by the cavalry have a devastating effect on the enemy. But their mobility is strongly impaired in the cramped castles, towns, and harbors, as well as in woods and mountains and are therefore less effective in these areas. Also, watch out for your opponents spearmen. 2
Icon ballista.gif Ballista Ballistas are weapons that can be used on the field similar to archers. They provide an additional bonus vor heavy supporting fire (like the archers' bonus). The maximum bonus is reached when an army contains at least 10% ballistas. A slot in a castle with ballistas contains 4 ballistas, that are counted towards the militia only. No infantry is needed for the transport of ballistas. 4
Icon siegetower.gif Siege Tower Siege towers can only be used during attacks on castles. Every siege tower has a capacity of 400 men. Every soldier that gets a spot inside a tower is worth 1.5 men during sieges. This is also true for allied men. The other men use scaling ladders (if researched by the respective armies' owner). The trasnsport of siege towers requires 50 infantry units. 20
Icon treb.gif Trebuchet Trebuchets are purely siege units. They reduce the terrain bonus of castles and fortifications by 0.03 to 0.05 per trebuchet. The maximum achievable damage is 90% of the castle's bonus. The transport of trebuchets requires 50 infantry units. 20
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Spy Spies are secretly acting units. They are not added towards armies, but always operate alone by themselves - on foot, on their own little boats, or in a carrier ship. Their abilities are not to be underestimated and are further described under Espionage. 2 or own boat
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Ship Ships play an important role. More is written under Ships. 0

Training contracts may be cancelled at any time. 90% of the invested resources are returned.

  • Armies consisting solely of horsemen can move 2 fields each turn. Combat will cancel the second move, except if the conquered field was completely undefended. In this circumstance, horsemen can effectively conquer two fields each turn. The cavalry does not necessarily move before the infantry.
  • If a defending army has to retreat, all siege weapons (including ballistas) are destroyed to prevent them from hindering the withdrawal or falling into enemy's hand. Since version 4.2 ballistas are no longer destroyed upon retreat, but their losses are doubled. When an army is broken, ballistas are still fully destroyed.

Transport of trebuchets or siege towers

  • The transport of siege towers requires swordsmen and / or archers. Horsemen won't undertake this low labor.
  • For each trebuchet or siege tower 50 men are necessary for transport.
  • If 100% of the necessary troops are available for the transport, then the exhaustion is increased by 1 per field, independent on the number of trebuchets or siege towers transported.
  • If less than 100% of the necessary men are available, the exhaustion can reach up to +21 per field.
  • If less than 50% of the needed infantry is around, the army can not move.