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Foremost, the game is meant to be fun. It was created simple to be here and to be played. We, the designers of this game, hope you will have as much fun with this game as we have. And we are nearly always available for constructive critisism, general discussions and bug reports.

But let's talk about the game now. Lands & Lords plays in the middle ages, before there was gun powder or suchlike. Some peasants notice you as a gifted leader and make you their ruler. They build a fortress for you and farm the neighbouring land. But like back in the days, you are not the only sovereign on the continent. Therefore it is wise to also raise troups and militia. Maybe you will feel the urge to conquer new lands yourself. With the conquest of new lands the population in your realm will increase and you will get more taxes. That gold is important in Lands & Lords to afford a high number of things, especially the armies - your men want to be paid well. When you can't afford your armies any longer, many men without pay will desert. The construction of buildings and their extensions cost gold too. Mountains should always be checked for their content. Most often stone will be found, but there may also be mountains with iron, coal or gold deposits. These ressources can be mined with quarries. Research can increase the production rates enormously. The army quality can be increased by research as well, for example through better weapons.

This here is only meant as a little glance into the game. For more information take a look into the various chapters of the manual.

Yours truly, the Lands & Lords Team