Loading and unloading of ships

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Version L&L 4.0 (currently on server 1)

In every own or allied harbord fleets can be loaded or unloaded. For this the fleet must be standing in the harbour (on the harbour field). TO load or unload armies or spies, the fleet must be selected (1) and the button "Load/unload" must be clicked (2). This way a popup-window opens (3), which displays the armies or spies on the ship and waiting in the harbour. Select the respective armies (4) and click the button "Load units" / "Unload units". The loading/unloading happens immediately. You can only transport your own spies and armies with yoru fleet, not units from your allies. If you want to unload the units onto a foreign field, you have to disembark them from the ships.

File:Schiff beladen de.jpg

Space requirements of the units on the ships

Unit Space requirements on ships
Icon schwertk.gif swordsman 1
Icon bogensch.gif archer 1
Icon reiter.gif horsemen 2
Icon ballista.gif ballista 4
Icon belturm.gif siege tower 20
Icon treb.gif trebuchet 20
File:Icon spion.gif spy 2 or own boat

Cargo of enemy fleets

You can see in the field view if enemy fleets carry cargo. By clicking the the cargo display (1) a popup opens (2), which displays detailed information about transproted units. If you have a spy on the respective field, all informations are shown.

File:Ladung popup de.jpg