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By purchasing a premium account a player acquires the right to use extended functionalities of the game. The number and kind of these functinalities may change at any time. There are no other rights associated with the premium membership. The fees for the use of the extended functionalitites are determined by the current price list from L&L. Schneitler & Weiss GBR is permitted to change these prices. In general there is no right of reimbursement. The sole exception consists in termination of the membership by the carrier. If banning from the game happens due to any violation of the game rules, the TOU, or any law, then this also terminates the right of reimbursement.

Advantages of the premium account

  • The premium account can be used on all servers, providing that they the account keeper registered with the same nick, his so-called original nick. After the registration with his original nick, each player is able to choose a different nick to play on the server, before his starting place is decided.
  • Premium players may disable the account deletion due to inactivity under "settings". However, similar to the vacation mode, the account will be deleted after three weeks of inactivity.
  • Premium players have additional smileys available. They may also may upload their own avatars. These avatars can be up to 80 x 80 pixels and 10240 bytes (10 kb) in size. Furthermore, they can be recognized by a star PremiumStern.gif next to their nick in the ranking list.
  • Premium star, avatar and premium smileys can be switched off under "Settings".
  • Premium players have the option to specifically select coast regions, border regions or regions, that border an enemy's region, in the fields overview under "events". This allows for a convenient way to only upgrade those regions or increase the militia there.
  • Premium players can stick a small note to each field on the map. This note, which is only visible to oneself, can be read by right clicking on the Java-map, next to the field info. It can also be seen in the field view and under events. There is a additional button to view all fields that are marked by a notice.

TOU map.png TOU Field.PNG

  • All production sites, which can be disabled (Armouries, paddocks, iron smelters, stone masons, and saw mills), may now be disabled/enabled in a convenient way by selecting all the respective fields under "Events".
  • Premium players have popups under market with graphical illustrations of the price development
TOU prices.png

  • On the world map, for premium players the positions of all present visible armies and ships are shown: own (blue), allied (magenta), enemy (red), neutral (white), or partners in peace or NAP (green).
  • Premium players have additional possibilities on the HTML5 map: the player's armies, ships and spies as well as the armies and ships of allies, enemies and neutral players that are currently shown on the map can be directly selected by special sliders. There are also sliders to provide access to castles and harbors of the alliance.
  • The premium map can be tested in the "Settings", above the button "Demo".

TOU LargeMap.png

There may be more functions in the future provided only for premium players. These functions will not give any direct gaming advantages to premium players as compared to non-premium players.

Paying modalities

The amount of the gaming fee is displayed on the web-page of the game. All fees are to be paid in advance for the whole time of the contract. The contract starts with the activation of the premium functionalities. This activation takes place within 3 business days after the payment has been received. The fees include all applicable taxes.

Duration and fees of a premium account:

  • 30 days: 2.50 EUR
  • 90 days: 6.00 EUR
  • 180 days: 10.00 EUR

The following payment options are available. Credit Card transactions are performed by an secure SSL-connection!:

  • money transfer to a bank account
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Pay Pal (Pay Pal payments are charged with an additional fee of 0.40 EUR)

Contract conclusion

The contract between Schneitler & Weiss GBR and the user is signed the moment the Schneitler & Weiss GBR accepts the users' application (by use of the provided online application form). This acceptance takes place by sending an certification of registration to the e-mail address provided by the user. Privacy

The e-mail address of the user is only used to send information about the order status or to answer questions. We do not pass on this e-mail address to any other party or for commercial reasons. No private information of the user or the user's account are acquired during a money transfer. This web page does acquire certain statistical data in accordance to international law. This includes but is not limited to the IP address of the visitors. No personal information like e-mail addresses are acquired and the statistical analysis is performed on anonymized data, without the possibility to relate any specific user to any specific data.

Right of Withdrawal

Users may withdraw their application in written form (letter, fax, e.mail) within 2 weeks without having to give any reason. This 2 week limit starts at earliest at the time of receiving this information. To use the right of withdrawal, the withdrawal has to be sent within the time limit. The withdrawal has to be send to: Schneitler & Weiss GBR, Waldstr. 14, 83395 Freilassing Deutschland, Tel: +49/8654/650013, mail: In the case of a successful withdrawal both sides have to return any benefit already received.