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These tips are also displayed in the bottom right corner of the web page. That display can be turned off in the "Settings".

  • Keep an eye on the prices at the [[Marketplace, stock and alliance depot|marketplace}}!
    Prices vary like in real economy. Use this to your advantage by selling end-products high and buying raw materials low.
  • Build new grainfields on plains with a fertility of at least 85%. You should preserve plains with a fertility >85% for grain cultivation.
  • Match the levels of your grainfields with your populace.
    A level 1 grain fields needs at least 300 people for maximal output, while a level 10 field needs 1200 or more! Therefore it is not sensible to expand the levels of the fields before the necessary population for maximum production is around.
  • Do not sell too many resources! This may be tempting as it will give you lots of gold quickly; however, resources will soon become scarce. Then you will lack resources for upgrading your buildings.
  • Since grain will rot, you should better sell a major surplus of it.
  • With every field you conquer, your income will increase as your new citizens pay their taxes. However, you also have to feed your citizens. If you do not have enough bread, every tick your populace will start to starve to death all over your kingdom. Always keep an eye on your bread income!
  • If you want to know the details of your income and expenses, go to the stock menu and move your mouse pointer over the gold symbol. A tool tip will appear giving you detailed information. Of course this works for all resources.
  • When your economy is lacking, you will be in trouble. Nevertheless, you should build the following buildings at the beginning of the game to strengthen your military development. Start with a guild of thieves, a laboratory and probably a shrine. Of course, armories are also important; however, you will gain 10% of the weapons of the militias of conquered fields. Therefore, right at the beginning you should prioritize said buildings.
  • By clicking on the red bonus menu you can daily achieve some extra resources.
  • If the "Message" menu is red, you have received a new ingame-message.
  • If "Forum" is red, you have a new post in your alliance forum.
  • By using the worldmap you can overview your entire empire.
  • At first you should upgrade all your starting fields, except the castle. Upgrading your starting castle costs too many resources which you will badly need.
  • Split up your starting army into 2 or 3 parts.
  • At the beginning you should conquer fields which are only defended by small militia or a handful of peasants.
  • To review your event messages of of previous ticks, select the number ticks to be shown at the bottom of the Events-page.
  • You can select a field and its menu by clicking on the map or in your events menu.
  • The menus Build Ship, Espionage and Research activate after you have built a harbour, a thieves guild or a laboratory, respectively.
  • In your Diplomacy menu you can see how many percent of trading and research bonus your contracts give you.
  • At the Marketplace you can buy and sell resources.
  • For the map to appear on the whole monitor, right-click on the menu Map and open it in a new window.
  • You can select all your armies right in the Unit Summary. So you can easily display the field on which the troops are at the moment.
  • Quickstart is a short instruction into this game. You should read it! In your Diplomacy Menu you can find a list of all your diplomatic contacts and your diplomatic stance towards each of them.
  • To sign or cancel a treaty with other players or to declare war, use the pulldown-menus at the bottom of the diplomacy page.
  • If your are a member of an alliance you have access to the alliance depot. You can find it in your stock.
  • Use the time between the ticks for reading the manual!
  • Please note that conquering neutral fields decreases your honor, if your score is higher than 714k!