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Version 4.2

Castle new ruin.png Harbour new ruin.png Grainfield new ruine.png WoodcuttersHut new ruin.png Quarry new ruin.png

A building deteriorates to a ruin:

  • when it is torn down. (with the exception of castles, which can't be torn down)
  • when the area is conquered, even if it was undefended
  • when players were defeated because their last castle was conquered

Player deleted due to inactivity or by an administrator do not leave any ruins.

When buildings laps into ruins, some expansion levels are destroyed:

  • Level 1: remains
  • Level 2, 3 und 4: 1 level lower after rebuilding the ruin
  • Level 5, 6 und 7: 2 level lower after rebuilding the ruin
  • Lvl 8, 9 und 10: 3 level lower after rebuilding the ruin

This means, a level 7 castle becomes a level 5 ruin after conquer and so a level 5 castle after rebuilding. Rebuilding a ruin costs as much as the level that needs to be build, but is double as fast. Fields with ruins don't produce anything and have no functionalities. For example, no armies can be splitted in ruins of harbours. Disembarking onto harbour ruins is only possible with landing boats and small and medium galleys. In this case, small and medium galleys take more turns to disembark than usual. A different kind of structure may be constructed on top of a ruin. But because the ruin has to be removed first, the construction of the first level of this structure takes 14 ticks (without suitable research) longer than on an empty field.

Ruins of conquered players

Booty red.png
  • When a player is defeated, his buildings remain unchanged for 200 turns before they turn into ruins.
  • During the first 100 turns these buildings can only be attacked by players who were at war with the defeated player. The charges to honour are the same as throughout the war. There will be a sign on the respective fields showing how much turns it will take before the fields turn into ruins (200T = 200 turns) and how much honor they cost.
    For all other players these fields are marked red during this time, meaning they cannot capture them.
  • After these first 100 turns the fields may be attacked by any player (apart from the players who were at war with the defeated player) to the regular honour costs of neutral fields. The honour cost for conquering neutral fields is listed in the menu under "Diplomacy". For the players who originally have been at war with the defeated player, the fields still cost the same amont of honor as at the time when the war was declared!
  • After 200 turns, the fields turn into ruins and can be conquered by anybody for the honor cost of neutral fields.

The rules for the players who were at war with the defeated player you can find here.