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Version 4.2

Teardown of Buildings

You can tear down your buildings, too. For example if You have found many grainfields with high fertility and You would like to rebuild your fields with lower fertility to some other buildings or because You would like to create space for new towns or castles. By tearing down your building deteriorates to a ruin.

To prevent misuse of this feature (e.g. after receiving a declaration of war) the number of buildings You can tear down simultaneously is limited and is linked to the number of estates you reign over:

  • 0-99 estates: 1 building
  • 100-199 estates: 2 buildings
  • 200-499 estates: 3 buildings
  • ab 500 estates: 4 buildings

If You try to tear down another building, after reaching your limit for simultaneous tear downs You will receive the following message:

your workers cannot tear down anymore buildings at the moment. All teams are used to capacity right now.

After the teardown you will receive a notification in the Events-section and You can start tearing down another building if you wish to.