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The questions and answers listed here are provided to quickly answer frequently asked questions. This is meant as an supplement to the manual. Players are encouraged to check the FAQ and the manual if a questiona rises, before approaching the public or the administrative team.

Q: I have a question / a problem that is answered neither in the manual/FAQ nor in the forum. What else can I do?
A: You may create a new thread in the forum (unter either "Support" or "Bug", whichever is applicable), so that other players may answer the question, or you may send a "support request". This can be done easily unter "messages" (in the menu bar at the left side) with the button to the right of the box for the recipient's address.

Q: How do I know, which player is an admin or a moderator?
A: The admins and moderators for each server are listed at the bottom of the forum main page and are also indicated by an "A" or "M" after their name in the ranking list and in the chat. Moderators do not have the same abilities as admins and might require their assistance in certain cases (see next question).

Q: Admins / moderators are marked in different colours in the ranking list and in the chat. What do those colors mean?
A: The colors (bronce, silver, gold) indicate the abilities of the respective admin / moderator:

  • Moderator.gifModerators can use the special forum for admins and the special chat for admins and can read support requests. They can move postings in the forum and pin them. Thy also can ban and unban players from the chat and forum and lift the ban from a player.
  • Silver.gifSilver-admins have all the abilities of moderators. In addition, they can edit and delete postings in the forum. They can probe players suspected of being multi-players, unlock players, ban players from the whole game, lift game-band from players and even delete players from the game. They may also give ressources to players, or take resources from players; this, however, is logged by the system and can be probed by other admins later.
  • Gold.gifGold-admins can enter the account of any player, in addition to all the abilities of the other admins. They can also access the game-database and change it. They can also start and stop the server.

Other players should be aware that because admins are themselves players in the game, they use their abilities solely for support and bug-repairs. This is the basis of the trust players can have in the admins. No admin gains anything from cheating in the game, especially not when they like to support and further develope this game.

Q: I submitted a support request, but didn't receive an answer.
A: Not every support request can be solved immediately. This game is a pure hobby for us and we have other responsibilities in life. Therefore, we do not have time to be online and provide support 24/7. However, every request will be answered as fast as possible. This also goes for bug-repairs.

Q: How can I delete my account?
A: the only way to delete an account is to not log in for some time. How long the deletion of an account due to inactivity takes you can see here.

Q: I am going for a trip over the weekend and want to give my friend my password, so that they can play in my account while I am gone. Is it permitted to do that?
A: No! The dissemination of your password is strictly forbidden and leads to an automatic banning from the game. All involved players may be deleted from the game! This is also true for unlocked official multi-groups!

Q: My partner/family member and I play from one shared computer / network. Does this cause any problems?
A: In cases like this an automatic ban from the game may be triggered! Therefore we suggest that players using a shared computer to submit a support query to official announce their situation. These players can then be unlocked as official multi-groups. They then may play the game, but with several in-game restrictions:

If one multi-player is at war, none of his multi-partners may declare war against the same enemy. No wars against each other. No alliances with each other. No espionage against a shared third person. Regardless of their status as official multis, they may not log into each other account. These restrictions are rules, those disregard may lead to banning from the game. The so-called "official-multis" are publicly announced in the forum. This way, any player has the opportunity to control the compliance to these rules and may inform admins about misconduct.

Q: If I am going on vacation for 3 weeks, will my account be deleted?
A: Yes, it will. However, you can activate a "vacation mode" under "Settings" and the deletion of your account due to inactivity will be stopped.

Q: I try to upload a new flag or avatar, but it just doesn't work. Why?
A: Make sure that the flag and the avatar have the right file format and are not above the maximum size. The following sizes are permitted:

  • for avatars, 80 x 80 pixel and 10240 bytes (10 kb).
  • for player flags, 25 x 15 pixel and 999 bytes.
  • for alliance flags, 15 x 15 pixel and 499 bytes.

Q: The file for flag or avatar is within the size limits and was uploaded correctly. However, it is not shown in the game. Why?
A: You may have to empty the cache of your browser to immediately see your new flag. It may also take a little while until your browser fethces the new flag from the server.

Q: How do I train an army?
A: Please see: The army

Q: How to I conquere a field?
A: Explanation under: Moving an army

Q: How do I construct a building on a field?
A: On the map, you can click on each field and then start a construction on that field (see: Area selection). Or you can do this under "Events" by clicking on all "Grain fields" (for example), then "check all" and then on "upgrade fields".

Q: Where can I check the size of my realm?
A: There is a compact overview of your realm with all relevant data of your realm (population, bread production, field types, and so on) under "events".

Q: Im Vorkommnisse-Menü steht, dass ich mehr Getreide produziere, als meine Mühlen zu Mehl verarbeiten. Dennoch steht in der Kopfzeile in Klammern ein negativer Wert. Q: Under "events", it is stated that I produce more grain than my mills use to generate flour. Yet, in the heaser a negative income is shown. A: As explained under Ressources, income and food support, 5-10% of your stored grain rots in each tick. Therefore, even with overproduction the total value can be reduced or strongly altered. Fresh grain does not rot. Also, the amount of rotted grain depends on the research and available pastures (which also use grain). Because of this effect, it does not make sense to store huge amounts of grain, not even in the depot of the alliance.

Q: I do not understand the descriptions used for the militia on the map. How do I know how strong the militia is on a field?
A: The explanation can be found under Militia or Formulary.

Q: I have conquered a mountain area, but don't see any ressource values. Why not?
A: A mountain has to be explored before the relative effectivity for mining a ressource is known to a player (the percentages indicate the relative amounts of an ressources in comparison to a "perfect" mountain; they do not indicate the absolut composition of a mountain. Therefore, more the combined percentages of all ressources may be higher than 100 %). A player may construct any mine on a mountain without prior exploration. However, then a mine may produce hardly any output, of course.

Q: I have the following percentages: .... - which mine shall I build?
A: There is no perfect answer for this very common question. The ressources are different in their value. For example, 70 % stone is not particularly good, but 70 % ore is very good. 40 % coal is less valuable than 40 % gold (in general: stone => coal => ore => gold). If just one of these percentages is good in a particular mountain area, the decision is easy. But if multiple ressources are worth mining, than the decision is also influenced by your other mines. If, for example, you already own many ore mines and you have to decide between ore and gold, it may be better to mine for the gold. This decision should also take the current market situation into account.

Q: I have developed a field but the output is very meager. What can be the reason for this?
A: The output of a field depends also on a minimum level of population on the field. The population of an field might drop below this limit because of starvation or hostile espionage (poisoning of wells). Also, sabotage may reduce the output.

Q: All neutral fields in my neighbourhood have already been conquered or cost honour. Therefore I want to expand my realm by waging a war against another player. How can I do this?
A: To be at war with other players, you or your ally need to have diplomatic contact with them. Then you have to declare war under "diplomacy" and have to wait until this declaration becomes active. Now you can send your troops, spies and ships against that player. An attack starting from an area under the control of one of your allies is only possible, if that ally is also at war with that player. Of course you may also attack from the sea.

Q: Close to me a new player has appeared on the map. Before I trouble myself with a strong neighbour, I will simply bash that beginner.
A: Every player has beginner's protection after starting the game. As long as this protection is active, no player can start a war with them. Also, the loss of honour would be immensely high.

Q: What is this honour system?
A: Please see: Honour

Q: But honour doesn't protect me from attacks by bigger realms?!
A: Correct. A stronger player may still attack you. But they will think twice about this - the effects of low honour values are considerable.

Q: I do not understand one of my battle reports.
A: This is a very common problem. Please refer to Calculation of the combat value. A high number of factors influence the outcome of the battle. Simply the battle size does not determine the victor of a battle. Quality is more important than quantitiy; the battle grounds, the composition of the armies and their exhaustion also have strong impact on the combat result.

Q: I have an over production of weapons and horses and want to sell them on the market. How can I do this?
A: This is not possible.

Q: I don't understand the ranking list.
A: This list is split into multiple areas. On the top, you can see the Top 10, as well as your own ranking and the 5 players before and 5 players after you. Next to the name, the honour is displayed, then the score and then a percentage, that indicates the relative size of that player compared to you. In the second area, the 10 biggest armies and the 10 strongest heroes are listed. After that, the strongest alliances and their members are shown.

Q: How can I see who is online besides me?
A: This is not possible. This would have too big an impact on wars. Only the total numbers of players online is shown under "Events".