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The latest changes and expansions are described here. They will later be moved to the respective pages pf the Wiki and described in more detail.

Changes in Lands & Lords 5.0

Premium Accounts

  1. Since 01.01.2024 there are no more premium accounts in Lands & Lords. The previous premium functions are now available to all players free of charge. There are also no more advertisements.

Research, generals and heroes

  1. Research is slightly cheaper than before for the first 6 levels, after that it becomes more expensive. Overall, the first 10 levels are slightly more expensive than before. Endless research will become exponentially more expensive and it will no longer be possible to reach such high levels as before.
  2. The last research branch Path of Heroes has been completed. You can find the new research branches here.
  3. Heroes get 33% less experience than before. However, this can be partially compensated by new research bonuses (max.+15% plus endless research)
  4. New hero skills can be unlocked through research: Sage, Marine, Logistician, Shipwright and Master Spy
  5. In battle, the experience gained by generals is no longer only determined by how close the battle was and how large the armies involved were, but also by the level ratio of the generals.


  1. When entering the destination field of fleets, the number of ticks required to reach the destination is displayed: ETA (=estimated time of arrival)
  2. Fleets' operational readiness now decreases continuously when they are at sea and they must be repaired regularly. All details can be found here.


  1. A new option in diplomacy is now the counterattack. It allows you to counterattack even against weaker opponents without losing honor. Details can be found here


  1. In the army building menu, there is now the option to have automatically build militias on newly conquered fields.


  1. Spies can now be loaded and unloaded at sea using the normal load/unload menu.

New building

  1. Mountain Fortress


  1. Cities and harbors produce food through fishing in the adjacent (level 1-5) or 2nd ring (level 6-10). Towns produce 500 units of fish per sea field, harbors 1000 units. This can be increased by a further 10% using the Fishermen Guild slot (see below).
  2. Soldiers need 1 unit of food per turn. Soldiers are always fed before the population. Soldiers who do not receive food desert.
  3. Units with horses (horsemen, ballista, tower, trebuchet) consume 10 units of grain per horse per turn. Horses in the army are always supplied first, before the mills and paddocks. Units whose horses are not supplied will be disbanded.
  4. All details on food supply can be found here.


  1. Ballista slot in castles, towns, ports and the mountain fortress automatically provides the militia with 10% ballistas. Slot can only be built once.
  2. New castle slots in Siege Path allow slow Training_Generals in suitably equipped castles.
  3. New slot in the city and harbor expansion increases the food production of cities/harbors with sea access through fishing.


  1. Effect of positive honor on income has been greatly reduced (approx. 1/4 of the previous effect). Effect of negative honor has also been slightly weakened, but is ~25% stronger than the effect of positive honor. You can find the new formula here.


  1. Pirates make the oceans unsafe. Watch out for them!

Changes in Lands & Lords 4.21


  1. The formular for passive exhaustion has been change as follows: Passive exhaustion = 50 * militia / (militia+1000)

Effects of Honor on Militia

  1. Honor values above 1500 have no further effect on the number of recruitable militia

Changes in Lands & Lords 4.2

Events Menu

  1. The sequence of the different building in the menu has been rearranged.
  2. You can now select multiple types of buildings simultaneously using checkboxes.
  3. To build via the events menu you can now use a pulldown menu to select between "Upgrade fields" and "Explore mountain" (at a later timepoint this will be extended to build different slot addons).

Buildings of deletes players

  1. When a player is deleted due to inactivity, his fields now will become neutral fields that can be conquered by all players.


  1. The score needed for the different titles has been increased.

Effect of retreat on ballistas

  1. Ballistas are no longer destroyed upon retreat. However, their losses are doubled compared to other units. When an army is broken, also the ballistas are lost.


  1. The cost for ships (and the corresponding building time and score) were halved.
  2. The cargo size and crew of Cog, Hulk, and Caravel have been increased.
  3. Thebattle speed of Caravel and Carrack has been increased (therefore they are less easiliy rammed by Dromons).
  4. Theboarding factor of Cog and Hulk has been reduced, and of Dromon, Galley, and Carrack increased (thereby enhancing the combat value of the armies during boarding).


  1. The troop base value of spearmen was increased from 10/15 to 12/18 (without research/including research).
  2. The troop base value of archers was increased from 4/6 to 5/7.5 (without research/including research).

Miscellaneous Changes

  1. Size of the map automatically increase when more than 80% of free fields are occupied


  1. Passive exhaustion is now based on the number of militia soldiers on a field. For each 30 militia soldiers, exhaustion is increased by +1 (previously is was +1 exhaustion for each 100 people living on a field).

Changes in Lands & Lords 4.1

Income Bonuses

  1. Bonus for positive honor values has been reduced
  2. Trade & science agreement bonus per ally has been increased to 15% (previously 10%)
  3. Maximum bonus for further trade & science increased to +20% (previously 15%)
  4. Total maximum bonus equals +50% now (previously +35%) (not taking honor into account)

Vacation Mode

  1. Novel vacation mode protects from attacks (see details in this wiki)

Battle Calculator

  1. Novel, convenient battle calculator(see details in this wiki)

Miscellaneous Changes

  1. Spacing between starting positions have been increased by 4 fields
  2. Minimum amount for free fields around the starting position has been increased to 40 (previously 18)
  3. Cost for spearmen were reduced
  4. Size of the map automatically increase when more than 90% of free fields are occupied
  5. Limit for conquering neutral fields without honor loss has been increased to 1600 (warriors) and 2000 (settlers)

Substantial improvements for late breakers

  1. at turn 50: 1 Thieves' Guild, 1 Laboratoy, 1 Heroes Shrine (like previously)
  2. at turn 100: 1 Goldmine (like previously), 1 Thieves' Guild, 1 Heroes Shrine
  3. at turn 200: 1 Heroes Shrine
  4. at turn 300: 1 Heroes Shrine
  5. each Heroes Shrine comes with a heroe ready to use: level = 11+1 additional level per 100 turns (max. level 30)
  6. for every 100 turns 1 additional level for your castle + 1 additional starting army (max. 6)
  7. for every 100 turns 1 additional level for your generals (max. +12 levels). Together with research (military academy +4 levels) a total of +16 level can be achieved (Chief Audiat)
  8. for every 100 turns 1 additional spy (max.l 10)

Changes in Lands & Lords 4.0

In the new version of Lands & Lords, the land and naval combat systems have been completely changed according to a new concept developed by Lebenszeit. Additional changes aim at making the game faster and more dynamic. A list of all changes and the expected consequences is shown here.

New combat system

The combat system was completely overhauled. The respective changes can be found in this Wiki. Here, only a short overview is given.

  1. In general, factors such as experience and the level of generals and heroes don't have that tremendous effects as previously. It will be easier to compensate such deficits by throwing larger armies at the enemy.
  2. Castles are more easily conquered.
  3. Battle exhaustion is reduced.
  4. Weak armies or militias can no longer reduce the overall combat value of combined armies. Therefore, militias never again can be detrimental.

New naval warfare

In the new version, ships are combined to fleets. No shiplimit exists, but the number of fleets is limited. Therefore, there are no more restrictions how many ships can be built.

  1. Fleets can drop armies of any size on the coast by using rowing boats and Drakkars. Depending on the number of rowing boats/Drakkars in the fleet, this may take several turns. It will be more difficult to protect islands, since harbors are less important as bridge heads than previously.
  2. New types of ships can move up to 6 hexes per tick.
  3. Naval battles are processed in two separate phases: the ramming phase, where Dromons (shipe with underwater rams) can sink enemy ships and a boarding phase, where the sailors of the ships and loaded armies fight against the enemy units (similar to land battles). Therefore, mainly the combat strength of the loaded units is essential for naval battles.

Landing armies

  1. Spies can be dropped by all types of ships on all types of fields except mountains. A spy can also be dropped on a water hex.
  2. Armies can be dropped on plaind and forrests and harbors. Rowing boards and Drakkars and drop armies on plains and forreste. Cogs, Hulks, and Caravelles can drop armies on all harbor fields. Dromons, Galleys and Karracks can only drop units on harbors with a level of 6 or higher. Are not enought suitable shipt present in the fleet to drop off an army at once, the landing process will take several turns.

Building costs and time

  1. The costs and time for buildings was halved. Therefore, the buildup will be much faster.


  1. The score for buildings was halved. The score for ships and armies was increased. Therefore the score (which is the basis for calculating honor loss) is more representative of the military strength of the player now.

Changes in Lands & Lords 3.0

We have tried to remove several weak points of Lands & Lords and to make the game on the one hand simpler, and on the other hand more attractive by reducing the potential for frustration. These changes will be adapted as appropriate once we have acquired experience with the new changes.

Miscellaneous changes and bug-Fixes

  1. Changing the language is now possible in-game (below the resources display)
  2. Some bug fixes in the forum

Choose your style of play

  1. When registering or at the first login you can now choose to play as a settler or as a warrior.
  2. In the ranking and diplomacy screens, players will be marked by a respective icon to indicate settlers and warriors.
  3. Only warriors can choose campaigns.
  4. Score limits for conquering neutral fields without loss of honor: for warriors 714k, for settlers 1.5M

Changes in the military

  1. Spearmen have been added as novel unit. They have a high bonus when fighting horsemen. In the woods, a 70:20:10 spearmen army will best a 70:20:10 horsemen army. On open field, the horsemen army will by stronger but just slightly. A 70:20:10 swordmen army will easily beat a 70:20:10 spearmen army.
  2. Militias now consist of 20% swordsmen, 60% spearmen, and 20% bowmen.
  3. The penalty for attacking castles with horsemen has been drastically raised: A 70:20:10 horsemen army against a castle is now worse than a 70:20:10 swordmen army. When the castle is defended by spearmen it is practically impossible to conquer it with horsemen.
  4. Siege towers now offer room for 400 soldiers (previously 100) and only need 50 men for pulling (previously 50). This makes siege towers an interesting addition to trebuchets.

Changes in research

  1. Research 'medicine' was replaced by 'phalanx' (enhances spearmen).
  2. The following research paths are more expensive for warriors: peasantry, handcraft I, slots, administration
  3. The following research paths are more expensive for settlers: military, siege, seafaring
  4. The following research topics are more efficient for warriors: metallurgy I, metallurgy II, bellows, melting pot, large orge, hot forge, furnace
  5. The following research topics are more efficient for settlers: windmill, clay oven, fortified towers I, fortified towers II, wood usage, iron tools, pit saw, stone cutting, fortification, municipal office

Changes regarding heroes

  1. 'Regeneration' was replaced with 'Spearmaster'.
  2. The 'Healer' now additionally has the regeneration ability.
  3. Warriors don't have bowyer, spearmaster, builder, blessing, or healer.
  4. Settlers don't have mighty warrior, swordmaster, crusader, or blacksmith.
  5. Heroes are now 'immortal' - when a hero is annihilated, he will be 'broken' and will return to his hero's shrine (or he has to wait until a shrine becomes available). During this process, the hero will lose 10% of his xp points, but no levels. This means he will have to re-aquire the lost experience, before he can level again.

Changes in diplomacy

  1. Alliance now have a maximum of 3 players
  2. Diplomatic actions can only be performed by the liege and will be valid for the whole ally
  3. Vassals can only be acquired as long as no war or declaration of war are ongoing
  4. Cancelling an ally membership will take only 50 turns if both sides agree
  5. In the diplomatic messages, lieges will be indicated by the allyflag next to their name
  6. Wars are now temporary: raid: 50 turns, blitzkrieg: 200 turns, campaign: 400 turns(warriors only). Depending on the type of war declaration the honor limit is 70%, 80%, and 90% of the opponents score.
  7. In the diplomacy screen and the diplomacy popup, the possible honor losses for raid/blitzkrieg/campaign are shown. As soons as a declaration of war has been sent the honor loss/gain for conquering field/castles are shown. The honor for castles is indicated by a small castle icon.
  8. Only warriors can wage campaigns

Simplification of the honor calculation

  1. For calculating honor gain/loss all points of an ally are added. All additional wars or declaration of wars against the defender are added to the points of the aggressor. However, wars where the defending party is the aggressor, count only for 50%.

Changes regarding spies

  1. When a general is assassinated by a spy, the replacement general's rank will have 3 levels less
  2. The replacement general is protected from further assassination attempts for 5 turns
  3. The fatigue gained for exposing enemy spies is independent on the presence of enemy spies now. When no enemy spy is present, this will be made clear by a special message.

Changes in calculating battles

  1. The level of the generals has 50% less influence on the battle points now.
  2. The bonus for 'numeric advantage' has been increased. It's now easier to beat more experienced troops by using numerically superior troops. The maximal bonus will be reached at a ration of 17:1 or higher and can be up to 250.
  3. When several armies attack or defend together, armies with a high combat value will be weight higher during calculation of the average combat value.